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alerted. nbc news is reporting that that venezuelan president hugo chavez has passed away. we have heard that his health has been deteriorating. it's been confirmed that the president has in fact died. so eric we go to you first on this one. big news and big news for the future of venezuela. arguably of the world. >> eric: a lot of implications, on foreign policy. he has never been a friend to america. he has done things that made us upset. he called george bush the devil of diablo. he will ship oil and get refined products. he was going to ship that china even though it cost him a lot more to keep it out of hands of the americans. if the reports are true, i guess they are, i would say no love lost between united states and venezuela and hopefully the next regime, it will be more friendly more peaceful regime, let's call it market orientated. >> this could be a huge opportunity for the united states. do you think it is opportunity. >> dana: i think the opportunity exists for the people of venezuela. they have been living under this horrible dictator. i don't think he will be missed by an
of the chavez regime. does it? >> i do not think so. it becomes strengthened in the short term. his death gives a lot to support. the people who have been loyal to him for so long will come together. the need to come together. a lot of people have benefited from 14 years of his role. the question is what happens over the medium and longer term when the economic crisis deepens. people do not have access to goods. inflation goes up higher. i think his charisma may become a little weaker. >> does it give a chance to the opposition to mount an effective campaign against maduro? >> they can but they have to be patient. they had a very tough time to win these elections. they have to build the future. they have been doing this for 14 years. they are frustrated. it is understandable. the real challenge is to try to keep focused on a strategy, come up with new leadership, and try to challenge the regime. >> is maduro an effective successor? >> i just think he can match the charisma. there are going to be a lot to people unhappy. given the option, he is probably the best choice. he was a union leader and
sica) >> sábado 9 de marzo y las noticias hugo chavez se anuncia el 14 de abril la fecha de elecciones, se pide a enrique caprile que enfrente a nicolas maduro. >> en california el doloroso drama del desempleo se agrava por las demoras a acceder a los subsidios. >> yel equipo nacional de méxico eliminado del clasico mundial de béisbol, vamos con toda la información. >> (música) >> buenas noches bienvenido al noticiero univisión del fin de semana, los venenzolanos ya tienen fecha para la elección presidencial, nicolas maduro se enfrentaria a un candidato único de la oposicion. >> venezuela sigue con la transición electoral se maneja una fecha el próximo domingo 14 de abril. >> esta es la fecha, dentro de poco más de 1 mes, así que los segundos comisios ante el fallecimiento de chavez. >> convocamos elección presidencial para el 14 de abril del 2013, el encargado nicolas maduro tiene la ventaja para ganar. >> votar todos por nicolas maduro y darle la madre a toda esa gente facista. >> maduro tiene la formula de chavez para ganar, pero tiene que legitimarse preside
facing the church here in the u.s. welcome to "bbc world news" america," live in venezuela. chavez always had a great sense of political theater and his memorial service today was appropriately dramatic. tears from distraught venn zwailens and somber tributes from world leaders from. nearby cuba to distant aaron, they came to say goodbye. our correspondent ian with our coverage. >> i love you, chavez. i'll meet you in heaven. they knew this day was coming but that hasn't made it any easier. this week hugha chavez succumbed to the cancer he couldn't beat and today they cried his name and swore to keep his spirit alive. people have poured into the capital from across venezuela to pay their last respects to president hugo chavez. you can see the passion here in the crowd. rare is the politician that commands this kind of respect and adoration. >> he was the best president and we know that everything loved chavez. everything loved chavez forever! >> we're going to every day think about what he do and going to say that we can never say thank you for all the stuff he did. >> hugo chavez was an
ch chavez is said to be in the worst condition since his most recent surgery almost three months ago. and now venezuelan officials are alleging that the obama administration is behind chavez's poor health and that they are trying to kill them and they are kicking out at least two u.s. embassy personnel. joining us is shasta from the capital of caracas. what's going on? >> reporter: wolf, it's been an interesting day, puzzling to say the least. we've heard this news that chavez's health is taking a turn for the worst and meeting with top ministers and military brass and called a press conference and what we heard was a rambling one-hour press conference where he accused the u.s. military of plotting to destabilize the government and even accused foreign enemies of causing chavez's illness. take a listen to this. >> translator: the situation is one of complication and he has an infection that is being treated now. it is a severe infection, as we told you yesterday that there are complications and worsening of the respiratory function and the american team is working and our people are
chavez , artista , en testimonios exploraremos , como será el proceso para embalsamrlo la misa con chavez la oficia el cardenal que confronto al hombre en vida , escogera al papá empezemos . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> este es su noticiero univisión ,con jorge ramos . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> por la patria , venezuela tiene un presidente electo juramento en una sesion extraordinario , legislativa de venezuela , acto que ha hecho mucha controversia participación de oposicion al chavismo que , califican su que tal , buenas noches . >>> la juramentacion , muy intenso , funeral de estado . >>> acámparon por alrededores de la acádemia militar cxon siempre muchos dieron vida a su líder muerto . >>> dentro de la acádemia en capilla ardiente , el presidente nicolás maduro recibió la espada , de bolivar y la coloco sobre el feretro del presidente muerto , el propio presidente hugo chavez , designo a maduro como su sucesoir , 30 jefes de estado el primero raul castro junto a su hermano fidel eran sus aliados santos de colombia y enrique peña n
" and john fuglesang right now. >> john: hugo chavez may be dead but he's a hero to millions for getting the american need ya to go a whole day without mention the sequester. donald trump has been deemed sufficiently unelectable to speak at cpac. "the daily caller" published a story that might not be true. senator menendez might not have hired a prostitute so maybe he is just not really a senator. today is the birthday of the late andy gibb, football hero fred williamson and everybody's favorite libertarian, pan gillette. john mccain vowed to block the celebrity all-stars until he gets the answers he wants on benefit -- benghazi. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening i'm john fuglesang. leading off tonight with a major international story the death of venezuelan president hugh go chavez. the 58-year-old former paratrooper died earlier today following a two-year struggle with cancer. he served as venezuela's controversial president for 14 years. he used the oil reserves to promote what he called a 21st century socialist revolution at home and a bol verrian allowance throughout latin
to the "journal" live on dw. venezuela declare seven days of national mourning after president hugo chavez succumbs to cancer. >> microsoft facing legal action for failing to provide customers internet choices. >> thanks for joining us. huge crowds of mourners have taken to the streets of the venezuelan capital, caracas, and tributes have been pouring in from the allies of president hugo chavez, who has died from cancer at the age of 58. >> the socialist leader came to power in 1999 and had won a third term in power five months ago. he was viewed as a champion of the poor and the inspiration for the new left in south america. >> but he was a controversial and polarizing figure. he became increasingly authoritarian, antagonized his opponents and let the country's infrastructure rot. >> on tuesday, he lost his two- year battle against cancer, sparking an outpouring of grief from supporters. >> mortars thronged the streets of caracas, accompanying their president on his last journey. the body to lie in state until friday. >> and manlike our commander-in- chief leads an irreparable loss. and h
they knew this day was coming but that hasn't made it any easier. this week hugha chavez succumbed to the cancer he couldn't beat and today they cried his name and swore to keep his spirit alive. people have poured into the capital from across venezuela to pay their last respects to president hugo chavez. you can see the passion here in the crowd. rare is the politician that commands this kind of respect and adoration. >> he was the best president and we know that everything loved chavez. everything loved chavez forever! >> we're going to every day think about what he do and going to say that we can never say thank you for all the stuff he did. >> hugo chavez was an outspoken, controversial leader, championing the underdog at home and abroad. the guest list at today's funeral reflected that. in part, a who's who of america's least favorite leaders. ahmadinejad. nt raul castro, cuba's leader and left wing activists like sean penn also came to pay their respects. the economy suffered under chavez and the system he bequeathed favors only the party faithful. >> he was a laborer who sai
in caracas, venezuela's acting president said that hugo chavez's body will lie in state for at least another seven days. then his body is to be embalmed and permanently displayed in a glass casket. foreign leaders are arriving in venezuela ahead of the state funeral which is due to take place tomorrow. the bbc's katty kay -- katty kay is in the capital. what's the latest? >> it is a little bit chaotic. you have all of these foreign dignitaries flying into the country. two u.s. congressmen are here as well as 33 heads of state, all expecting a massive state funeral tomorrow. the government has decided that so many venezuelans want to pay their last respects to hugo chavez, to see his body lying in state, that they are going to extend this period that his body is lying in state indefinitely. the balmy -- the body will be embalmed. it will be put in a glass casket so that venezuelans can file past and see the man that they loved so much. it has let the situation for the funeral up in the air. we think there will be some sort of official ceremony tomorrow, but not actually a funeral. the best la
for yourself. also release the drifter from your locker. >> i a better phrase for you. hugo chavez today said.... >> dana: oh, yes. >> greg: funny. >> you win eric for most ridiculous comment from the a lawmaker but i come in a close second. a washington state rep has a new tax he wants to impose the residents of washington state. its breathing tax. if you go and buy a bicycle over $500 you will have to pay a tax of refusal about $25 because you emit so much air when you are panting and sneezing on your bike, it's more detrimental this representative argues than a car i guess, he walked it back but first instinct was to be an idiot. >> bob: don't worry about me. i wouldn't be a problem. >> except for your euro friends. that sfiortd the five. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bret: this is a fox news alerted. one of the most consistent thorns in u.s. policy has died. hugo chavez succumbed to cancer today after a two-year battle. now there are questions. what is next for venezuela and what does this mean for latin america. steve harrigan looks back at his life and legacy. >> reporter: hugo c
that so many venezuelans want to pay their last respects to hugo chavez, to see his body lying in state, that they are going to extend this period that his body is lying in state indefinitely. the balmy -- the body will be embalmed. it will be put in a glass casket so that venezuelans can file past and see the man that they loved so much. it has let the situation for the funeral up in the air. we think there will be some sort of official ceremony tomorrow but not actually a funeral. the best laid plans of the government have been overturned by the will of the venezuelan people. this crowd is as much a celebration of hugo chavez's life as it is a funeral dirge. it is extraordinary, this queue stretches to four kilometers. you cannot see it. there are mothers, children, grandparents all taking part in their final farewell to hugo chavez. they benefited from his social policies. >> it is sad because this is the last day we are going to see his body and see his face. >> i came here at 8:00 in the morning with my son. we have artie been in -- already been in. >> people here are in tears. it
of the most consistent thorns in u.s. policy has died. hugo chavez succumbed to cancer today after a two-year battle. now there are questions. what is next for venezuela and what does this mean for latin america. steve harrigan looks back at his life and legacy. >> reporter: hugo chavez, venezuelan president and political foe of the united states is dead after losing a battle to cancer. he underwent lengthy treatment in cuba for undisclosed form of cancer having three operations, one to remove a tumor the size of a baseball from his abdomen. his resent absences led to widespread rumors about his health as contrasted to appearing on television for hours at a time, speaking and reading and occasionally singing. he was born in 1954 in rural venezuela and grew up with hopes of becoming a professional baseball player. instead he entered the military rise together rank of colonel and engineering a failed coup attempt in 1992. he was jailed and soon released and ran for president in 1998. backed largely by venezuela's poor he promised to spread the wealth from the nation's oil reserves. his rol
on this occasion. today we are here not because hugo chavez has died but because he lived. death is certain. life is uncertain. thus, a life of service matters. we pray to god today that the soul of the hugo chavez will find peace, and acceptance for his service in the kingdom. grant him mercy and grace. the chavez family mourns today. comfort them. venezuela cries today. reassure them venezuela is not left alone. for madura, grant him wisdom and support as he keeps hopes and dreams alive, as he picks up the baton and makes a great nation greater. we pray, god, today that you will heal the breach between the u.s. and venezuela. yea, thou we walk through valleys and shadows of death, we fear no evil. for thou art with us. let us forgive, redeem, and move on to higher ground. we are neighbors. we share the same hemisphere. we play ball together. we'd trade resources together. we fight drugs together. we shared dreams together. we are bound by culture and environment. even the death of this leader, nor any death will separate us from your love, dear god. neither heights nor depths shall separate us.
>> the end of the chavez era. he loses its fight against cancer. this is al jazeera live from doha. complications and delays in the general election in kenya. who did it.cer one of the dancers has confessed. u.s. least $8 million in money was wasted in iraq. >> what the missing cache was meant to pay for and how it was really spent. -- cash. venezuela has declared seven days of mourning following the death of president hugo chavez. he rose from the ranks of the military to be the leader of one of the largest economies in latin america. a sharp critic of the u.s., the .elf-proclaimed revolutionary >> after two years of illness and weeks of uncertainty, the official announcement came that the venezuelan president is dead. >> after a battle against a heart illness, during the course of almost two years, with the love of the country and blessings of the country, and loyalty of his colleagues, and love of his family, we transmit our pain and solidarity. >> hugo chavez had been in power 14 years of. during that time he became more than a president to many venezuelans. supporters gathered
hora local, nicolas maduro en cadena nacional informo al pueblo de venezuela el fallecimiento de chavez.. ---el funcionario, al borde del llanto, dijo que chavez batallo por casi dos aÑos con una enfermedad... ---ahora, tras la muerte de chavez, se convocara a nuevas elecciones en el pais sudamericano. .. blanca ---la reaccion en venezuela ante el fallecimiento del mandatario no se hizo esperar... nat sound --- wait for cue ---a tan solo minutos de que se anunciara la muerte de chavez, miles de personas salieron a las calles de la capital para expresar su pesar y mostrar su apoyo a la llamada "revolucion bolivariana" impulsada por chavez. blanca ---la polarizacion durante el gobierno de chavez causo que muchos venezolanos abandonaran su pais natal... pitch - cesar ---aqui en la bahia tambien hay una comunidad venezolana que ha estado siguiendo de cerca esta noticia... stop open roll open take 2 box ---gabriela dellan, nos amplia en vivo desde san francisco... gabriela... gabriela live celestino de caires // venezolano gabriela live cesar ---hagamos un breve recuento sobre la vida de hu
restos del presidente de venezuela hugo chavez. >> responden organizaciones pro inmigrantes. se cumplen los primeros 100 días del gobierno de enrique peña nieto. >> comienza sus noticias univision. >> hola ¿qué tal? bienvenidos comienza el proceso de elección de presidente el venezuela. >> este domingo es el primero de dos días para que los aspirantes a la presidencia de venezuela se presenten. >> y los funerales del ex presidente de venezuela hugo chavez llegan a su quinto día y aún se continuara. >> enrique capriles se presentará como candidato de la oposición a pesar de que perdío las pasadas elecciones pero ha sido el único que se le ha acercado a chavez con cientos de votos. >> capriles acepto la candidatura y la hace oficial en los días siguientes. >> y todo lo tiene que hacer en una campaña relámpago de 12 días. el vicepresidente de venezuela nicolás maduro ya comenzó con la suta. >> suya. >> que nos den fuerza para poder cumplirle al comandante hugo chavez . >> miles siguen visitando los restos del presidente chavez, >> chavez sigue siendo un oponente fuerte a
are expected to take place on april 25. >>> president, hugo chavez, is dead at the age of 58 after a two-year battle with cancer. >> cbs reporter, inez with the life, the socialist leader who was often at odds with the united states. >> hugo chavez was one of latin america's most colorful leaders. he was venezuela's president for more than a decade and a firm believer in socialist government. the executives who managed the country's vast oil reserves wanted him gone the people learned of chavez's death on national television. on the streets, supporters chanted, chavez lives on, some even cried. chavez had been battling cancer since 2011. he traveled to cuba multiple times for chemotherapy and surgery. last october, he won reelection, but just two months later, his cancer returned. chavez began his career at age 16, joining the army as a paratrooper. 22 years later, believing the government was corrupt, he led a military cue to unseat the president. it failed and chavez was thrown in jail. later, in 1998, he was elected president. four years later, a group of military officers stage a
to extend more humanitarian assistance. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez has died after a two-year battle with cancer. chavez dreamed as a young soldier of revolution. he rose up to become president of venezuela and an anti-u.s. leader and became an inspiration for socialists across latin america. chavez was first elected president in 1998. he redistributed oil profits and won the support of poor voters. he tapped into a vein of nationalism and became a thorn in the side to successive u.s. presidents. two years ago, doctors detected cancer in his pelvis. chavez went through several rounds of surgery in cuba. the treatments weakened the once-fiery leader. still, voters re-elected him to his fourth term this past october. his inauguration was scheduled to take place in january, but he was not able to leave the hospital in havana. chavez moved to a military hospital in caracas last month. the funeral is planned friday. news of the president's death triggered scenes of grief and anguish in the country's capital of caracas. >> reporter: people started to flood the streets as soon a
president hugo chavez was called a hero and a tyrant. he used his vast oil reserves to benefit the poorest citizens but he infuriated many when he ridiculed george jenna bush in an infamous speech at the un and staunchly stood by raul castro and president ahmadinejad. i met him in venezuela after that speech after he denounced president bush as the devil. his words. he insisted that perhaps his choice of words he was not anti- american, prompting me to ask what it was against in here is what he said. >if then you're not anti- american as some are want to review, what are you anti? if you are not the anti- american -- not anti-america, what are you against? >> i am against any pretension of hegemony in the world. i am against the capitalist new liberal model that said the lead -- that the aelite want to impose on the world with weapons and bombs. >> during me now is a georgetown professor michael shifter, president of the inter-american dialogue. this is an impossible question and i will ask it anyway given that history is starting to regard hugo chavez's legacy. where is your sense that th
results in iraq; national mourning in venezuela after the death of hugo chavez; the vatican out of touch with american catholics. plus, a made for the stage drama at the bolshoi ballet. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: a powerful late- winter storm that tracked all the way from montana to the east coast deposited a snowy, icy mess on the mid-atlantic today. in washington, federal offices closed ahead of the storm, but the city and its immediate surroundings mostly got rain. farther out in virginia, pennsylvania and maryland, as much as a foot of snow accumulated in some places. the snow that did fall was heavy and wet, snapping tree limbs and power lines and leaving up to 200,000 people without power. the state of arkansas will now have the most restrictive abortion law in the country. republicans dominating the legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto today. the new law includes a near-ban on abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy. it's slated to take effect this summer, but a court challenge is certain. a small group of u.s. senators t
leader, venezuela's president hugo chavez. he knew how to press hot buttons which may be why the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said good riddance to this dictator. president obama was more diplomatic saying the u.s. supports the venezuelan people during this challenging time. chavez fought a long battle with cancer. adding a star to the flag, changing venezuela's time zone, ordering the nation's coat of arms altered on the suggestion of his then young daughter. beyond those eccentricities, he spent 14 years challenging american influence in latin america and embracing global pariahs like iran. jim clancy on his turbulent years in power. >> reporter: the applause was music, the surging crowd his dance partner. for hugo chavez politics was performance art. the script came easily to chavez. anything that might warrant outrage in washington wasn't a cause for concern but rather the measure of success. chavez beamed and embraced mahmoud ahmadinejad as the iranian leader toured leftist. knowing that they were aiming to develop the bomb, chavez joked a nearby grassy knoll would
for open cesar ---en venezuela hoy continuan rindiendole honores al recien fallecido presidente hugo chavez... pitch - blanca ---en medio de una gran multitud, los restos del mandatario fueron hoy trasladados a la academia militar, donde chavez se formo como soldado... take 2 box ---daniela zambrano nos amplia desde caracas... adelante daniela... take pkg ;01 ;05 1;19 topvo blanca ---en los servicios funebres de chavez a realizarse el proximo viernes se espera la presencia de por lo menos 10 presidentes latinoamerica nos, entre ellos el presidente de mexico enrique peÑa nieto que hoy confirmo su participacion. ===roll ticker=== cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa, pero mas adelante... take vo cesar ---ya esta casi listo el grupo de cardenales que elegiran al proximo papa... take vo blanca ---ademas, le cuento quien esta regalando telefonos moviles gratis con todo y servicio de textos... take sot --- javier castro grupo de cardenales que se daran a la dificil tarea de escoger al proximo jerarca de la iglesia catolica... pitch - cesar ---como nos cuenta "ruben pereida" desde el vaticano, sol
in for chris jansing. venezuelan president hugo chavez died yesterday of cancer, a fiery revolutionary, outspoken in his opposition to the united states and kinmanship with cuba's leader fidel castro. seven days of mourning were declared. all school was suspended for the week. an elaborate funeral is expected on friday. >>> here's reaction. >> he changed the mentality of the poor people. venezuela, it's like most of the countries in latin america, you know, we are crowded, poor people, they don't have education. they don't know, you know, who can be bad or who can be worse. he could change -- of everyone. he took power of the country. he -- so i really think again, that he deserved it. >> more reaction from caracas, as nbc's mark potter, thanks for being with us. chavez coming to power t. the poor in the hills or the -- that ride over your shoulders. how are the poor versus others reacting today? >> reporter: well, the poor are reacting with sorrow and i think we're going to see a lot of that very shortly. at first the reaction here was one where people were somber. a lot of people did
an all-time record high, all-time. it's also the day that hugo chavez died. today the united states government said we might conceivably use drone strikes to kill people inside the united states. they also said today the last drone strikes in pakistan were not done by us. who were they done by then? today arkansas teetered on the edge of doing something outrageously unconstitutional. today an msnbc host's book came out. today jeb bush's new book also came out, although the msnbc host is not disavowing her book already the way jeb bush is disavowing his book the day it first went on sale. north korea threatened to restart the korean war today, the one from the 1950s. the anti-gun trafficking bill got introduced in the senate today. a second giant sinkhole, a second one, opened up in tampa today. this is a nutso day in the news, just in terms of the sheer amount of news that happened today. and we'll get to as much of it as possible this hour. but we need to start tonight with the aforementioned record. >> this is an nbc news special report. >> good day from new york, and let's go dow
that venezuelan president hugo chavez is reportedly dead. we're going to start with peter barnes in washington right now. as we try to dig through this story, peter barnes, obviously we'll see a big reaction to this. >> that's right, melissa. according to a tweet from the reuters news agency it is quoting the vice president of venezuela, vice president maduro, saying that hugo chavez is dead after a long battle with cancer. the associated press is also separately reporting this also quoting vice president maduro. we know that hugo chavez has been going to cuba frequently for treatments for his cancer and obviously he is now lost that battle. he has been a thorn in the side of the united states for several years here. as you know, on the diplomatic front, cozying up to iran and some other, some of our other countries not friendly to ours, and not exactly, not exactly promoting u.s. interests. but according to reuters and the associated press, he is dead. melissa: yeah. and they had done everything to sort of reassure rest of the world he was on the mend. he has had four cancer surgeries outside
with the gop leadership. also this morning, with hugo chavez supporters in mourning, a look at where things go now in venezuela. we'll go live to caracas. and as the race for l.a. mayor goes on a chance at women running the country's two biggest cities, and why the last thing that new york's top contender wants is a run-off. >> good morning from a snow-bound chicago, it's wednesday, march 6th, and this is "the daily rundown." now here's chuck todd. >> that's pretty good, a little late night snowman-there. from changing shipman. thank you. congress is rushing things this morning. they want to finish business and get out of town as a winter storm drops perhaps as much as a foot of snow here in the nation's capital. and the house is tracking some budget votes. in at 10 this morning to debate and vote on funding the government through the fall. they've canceled a bunch of votes for the rest of the week. there isn't a member of congress, republican or democrat, who thinks the president does a good job reaching out a members of congress. but this morning, the white house is signaling that maybe they
. hugo chavez is dead and the bizarre accusation that the u.s. was somehow involved. plus, the dow hits a record high. the economy still stinks. why? >>> and a powerful winter storm blankets the midwest, headed to the east coast. let's go "outfront." >>> i'm ali velshi in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight breaking news. hugo chavez is dead. the 58-year-old venezuelan president has lost his long battle with cancer. president obama issued a statement, quote, at this challenging time of president hugo chavez's passing, the united states reaffirms its support for the venezuelan people and its interests in developing a constructive relationship with the venezuelan government, end quote. that comes just hours after the venezuelan government expelled two u.s. embassy officials from the country and accused enemies of attacking chavez, suggesting someone may have deliberately infected him with cancer. "outfront" tonight, shasta darlington. what was the reaction when the announcement of chavez's death was made? >> reporter: you know, you might be surprised, but a lot of people were not prepare
are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program, who will succeed hugo chavez? in venezuela the race is on to ake the country's top job. lawyers representing domestic workers in hong kong have accused the authorities of creating second-class citizens. it follows a landmark ruling by hong kong's top court. we report and there is some flash photography here. >> the case has divided hong kong. foreigners such as bankers and professionals who live in the territory for more than seven years can apply for permanent residentsy. the five -- residencey. the five judges argued that domestic helpers signed a contract stating they must return to their home country at the end of their work term. the news is upsetting for domestic helpers, only a few of them could take time off work to pro test. -- protest. >> why are our contracts different from other foreigners? we are unhappy because the hong kong government treats us unfairly. this is discrimination. >> this is the end of a five-year legal battle for two filipino workers who were not present at the court but their lawyer
former president george w. bush the devil is dead. venezuela's vice president reports hugo chavez died today after a two-year battle with cancer. he was 58 years old. the vice president made that announcement just hours after he accused foreign enemies of making chavez sick. and after venezuela expelled two american diplomats on charges of espionage and plotting to overthrow the venezuelan government. more on all of that in a moment. president chavez once said our real enemy is called the u.s. empire and vowed america, quote: will be defeated. tonight, some members of congress say they hope his death will lead to better relations between the united states and venezuela. home to one of the world's biggest oil reserves, if not the biggest but after the comments from vice president today, that remains to be seen. we have team fox coverage tonight. peter barnes from fox business on what this could mean for the oil markets. first, let's get to steve harrigan live in our south florida newsroom this evening. what is, actually, well what is the thinking about whether things might actually cha
stuart bowen. >> ifill: margaret warner reports on reaction to the death of hugo chavez in venezuela and around the world. >> thousands of mourners lined the streets of caracas today to pay tribute to their leader, many in the crowd shouted anti- american slogans and pledged to uphold chavez socialist ideals. >> woodruff: we examine a new poll showing american catholics view their church and their bishops as out of touch. >> ifill: and we close with the story of a russian dancer who masterminded a real life acid attack on the artistic director of the bolshoi ballet. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the house of representatives today approved legislation to keep the government up and running this time, three weeks in advance of a new deadline. but the bill still faces
, the death of hugo chavez, the keystone pipeline and china's new leaders. we'll start with the keystone pipeline. i'll tell you why it should be built. then i'll have the head of the sierra club tell me why he disagrees. >>> next up, hugo chavez is dead. will his successor continue chavez's antiamerican, antiwestern, anticapitalist ways or is this the beginning of a new venezuela? we have a great panel. >>> also, rand paul is worried about americans killing americans on american soil. i'll explain. >>> first, here's my take. later this year the obama administration will have to make a decision on whether to green light the keystone 350pipeline. i'm sure you've heard all the dire warnings about it, but another way to think about this is to ask, what would happen if the pipeline did not go forward? the department of state released an extremely thorough report that tries to answer just this question, and it concludes basically that the oil from these tar sands would be developed at about the same pace whether there was a pipeline or not. in other words, stopping keystone might make us feel
in venezuela after hugo chavez's death but it may create the opportunity of a lifetime for u.s. oil companies. how will it affect consumers and businesses here at home? our power panel of top experts is going to weigh in. >> never-ending debate over people's pay. today we bring you two business executives on opposite sides. they will lay out the real impact of a higher minimum wage on their bottom lines. you got to hear it from those with skin in the game. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: okay. we've bottom to turn to the market right out of the gate here because it is the big story of the day. the bulls pulled the dow to a new all-time high. adp reported a solid rise in private sector payrolls for february. u.s. factory orders fell less than expected. the s&p 500 posted a slight gain. it is just 24 points away from hitting its record high. meanwhile nasdaq slipped fractionally from a 12-year high. we start with washington's full-on spending spree. you may have heard about the pesky sequester. pay no attention. we have the shopping list where your tax dollars ar
the body of hugo chavez through the streets of caracas. it is now lying in state. saysarty of raila odinga it has evidence the vote was rigged. and what the new pope will wear. we have prepared -- why tailors have prepared three different ropes. -- robes. says it will launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. it accuses washington of pushing to start a nuclear war against pyongyang by staging military drills with south korea. this comes just hours before the un security council is due to vote on a new set of sanctions against north korea. northeast asia project director at the international crisis group is joining us by skype from seoul. good to see you there. take us through how serious you think this threat is. north korea does not have a nuclear missile, as such, but it does have access to new year material. -- nuclear material. , are you hearing us? it is al jazeera here. >> yes, you sound great. >> tell me, just how serious do you think this threat is? it does not have the ability to launch a nuclear missile, does it? >> well, that isup -- is up to debate, what types of miss
hits and misses of the week. mary, first to you, boy, target rich environment. hugo chavez, his death. >> david, as you know the death of the dictator provoked a the lot of expected and moronic comments from people like oliver stone and sean penn, but we also have comments talking about how sad we were to see hugo chavez leave us from the british foreign secretary. and if you can believe it, the president of colombia, juan manuel santos said he was saddened by the death of chavez. >> david: he sergeanted colombia. >> and mike rogers says that hugo chavez was a stabilizing force in latin america and progress in the region. >> a good hit to mr. roger. >> and the nanny state marches on. >> a miss to our mayor here in new york, michael bloomberg whose large soda ban goes into effect next week. for all of us, even if you're not a big gulp drinker, it's a slippery slope before he goes after large alcoholic beverages and could it be the 24-ounce beer can or the 40-ounce bottle. >> david: the 24-ounce beer can which you commuters love, there would be a riot in the commuting trains. and
officials announced replacement for chavez is april 14th. >>> president obama has reportedly decided to nominate assistant u.s. attorney general for civil rights thomas perez to be the next secretary of labor. i want to start with my story of the week beyond good and evil. on tuesday night we learned hugo chavez died it didn't start for the hyperbolic condemnations to start in. chavez was parroting cuba caudilo human rights, the latest in the long line of caudilos, the scourge. my personal favorite was alex, arguing someone who took exception to his celebration of chavez's death by saying i have no respect for hitlers, do you? all of that instant condemnation made me wonder how we evaluate leaders from other countries and what it says about us of americans, winners of the natural lottery, that make us citizens much the world's lone super power. gap gallup asked people if they knew the name of the current russian president. over 70% new the leader was fidel castro but only 60% named the name of prime minister to our north, which was khretien. if people know the name it's because he wa
. >> thank you. >> shepard: that's cool. enemies of hugo chavez attacked him with cancers elm that's what venezuelan officials are saying. enemies of hugo chavez attacked him with cancer. he has had a bad turn for the worse. coming up, why they're booting an american official from their country. chavez is in trouble. the american has been kicked out. somebody sicced cancer on him. welcome to venezuela. >> shepard: 24 minutes past the hour. the united states gave the venezuelan president hugo chavez cancer. that's the official word from the venezuelan vice-president today. the vp called chavez's illness an attack and the result of conspiracies against chavez through his 14-year rule. you think we have problems? government officials today said chavez, the man who once called president george w. bush the devil, is suffering from a severe and new infection, they tell us, they call his condition very delicate, which means nothing. chavez reportedly underwent surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer. he heat not spoken in public sense then as we now. state tv reports his in the infection is re
-- that relationship, as we all know, between chavez and the president, that was a rocky one, straight up to the end. there was no u.s. am intoes do recall there, there hasn't been one for months. mark potter has more. >> reporter: the quiet, somber feeling felt overnight after the death of president chavez has given way to a great you are outpouring of emotion today. right now his body is being moved from the medical tear hospital where he died, to the military academy where he was trained long ago. this is a long procession. miles of the city will be covered. it could easily take all day to get that down. the parade route is expected to be lined by his supporter. many of the poor are expected to get the glimpse of the president. this would be a very, very emotional events. when the body does arrive at the academy, it will lie in state until the funeral on friday as the country continues with its seven days of mourning following the death of president chavez, and then there will be the election sometime in the future, maybe in a month or so, to determine his successor. >> mark potter, thanks so muc
in september. >> a country in mourning as hugo chavez's death led to an outpouring of grief in caracas. chaves died after a 2-year battle with cancer. >> we have recieved the most tragic news we will have to tell our people. hugohe 5hth of march, chavez died. >> for 14 years he held sway over venezuela and critics say he was autocratic but he pumped billions into social projects and was adored by the poor. his body was taken to the military academy, where it lay in state and allowed mourners to pay respects. >> chavez was everything, our father, brother, everything. >> chavez is my people. chavez is venezuela. >> fresh elections are next in the political transition but this week, they said goodbye to one of latin america's most colorful eaders. >> -- leaders. >> the annual session of china's parlaiment began. anemier wen jiabao gave hs address about his government's achievements and called for the next government to tackle corruption. >> we should be unwavering in our battles for political integrity and end the concentration of power and lacks of check on power. >> next weekend, the parlaiment
que nunca , nicolas maduro ha hecho de la imagen de chavez su estandarte y se declara el apostol del chavismo . >> comandante hugo chávez , comandante chavez. >> una y otra vez presente en el discurso de nicolas maduro. >> una página web se ha dedicadoa llevar la cuenta , ha nombrado a chavez en mas de 3900 veces. >> le tiene sin cuidadoo la scriticas por nombrar a chavez, su imagen santificada se multiplica en todos lados . >> elijan a nicolas maduro como presidente de la república . >> maduro habla de chavez en tono religioso y se declara su apostol . >> la noche del viernes estreno su canción de campaña. >> y se burlo de enrique capriles a quién lo nombre y se defiende diciendo que maduro no es chavez. >> el asunto desato la polémica y fuertes críticas , capriles continúaba su campaña también con mucahs críticas. >> como sería ese candidato si no ocupara los recursos. >> sus presentaciónes han estado acompañados por miles de sus seguidores. >> es una batalla desproporcionada , la campaña presidencial ha ido cuesta arriba una lucha de david contra goliat. >> en ven
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